UPGRADING SERVICES  About Upgrading Services  This service is to reuse some parts of a machine in which the machenical system is still in good conditions while electrical  one is damaged or too old to be recovered.  Upgrading Service performed include the following tasks: - Removing the whole old electrical system.  - Installing new control system. - Installing servo motor and driver.  - Installing the spindle motor and driver. - Rewiring for tap-off boxes.  - Inserting new parameters to the control system.  - Adjusting parameters to suit the machine. - Rewriting tool-replacingprogram. CNC24H has been now deloying on these following control systems: - Fanuc 0  - Fanuc 16/18  - Fanuc 21  - Fanuc 16i/18  Copyright @2011 cnc24h.vn Made by KHT