PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE SERVICE  Is preventive maintenance for machines necessary? A recent study estimated that 50% of machinery and equipment in Vietnam manufacturing companies are severely damaged  due to be un-maintained. The lackof industrial maintenance is currently a challenge to Vietnamese enterprisesfor efficient  profits.Obviously the resolution of this issue will bring great potentialfor increasing profits and competitive advantages. Other  foreign companies considermaintenance and production are two sides of an issue that are closely interrelated. Maintenance  also contributes to the company profits. As for Vietnam manufacturers, production activities generate revenues while  maintenance activitiesconsume money. That is the reason why maintenance cost is kind of initial item to be minimized.  Machinery servicing is somehow the same as health maintenance for human beings that always needs to be in good  conditions through the activities of repairing, cleaning, lubricating, or system upgrading without affecting productivity.  Why our services?   The benefits coming from our services are: o Reducedtraining costs for administration and maintenance staff. o Reduced purchasing costs on equipment for maintenance work. o Top quality maintenance. You will be assured of your CNC machine system since CNC24H have the concrete knowledge of what to do to help the  machines operate properly. Copyright @2011 Made by KHT