Copyright @2011 Made by KHT Scope CNC24H MECHANICAL SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED specializes in the supply of full services related to CNC machines in Vietnam including: CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Grinder, CNC Driller, CNC Punch Press, CNC WEDM, etc. Technical crew As a core staff of CNC24H, technicians are recruited and shapedfrom engineer level upwards whose majors can satisfy any  of professional requirements. Most of them are well experienced in CNC.   Our Mission  - In the era of industrialization, when the high-tech machines such as CNC machines are used by businesses to invest to  Vietnam for production needs, the need for a full service CNC machine such as transport - installation, preventive  maintenance, emergency repairing, alignment, calibration, improving accuracy ... led to the birth of CNC24H.  - CNC24H provides our clients such solutions with competitive prices and particularly through this website we would like to  bring you professional services with short lead time and best quality.  - Our company with young, experienced, enthusiastic staff will dedicate tothe customers' satisfaction. They are officially  trained and developed from their own actual work that would give you a perfect service in accordance with your demands.  All factors above form a synergic strength for CNC24H. Thanks to that, our company can be able to meet high requirements  about complex technology and short lead time and offer reasonable prices that makes you pleased. Contact usnow for the most excellent services!